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Trading results week 20

Below you will find an update on trading results for the trading products used by Svenska Forexgruppen. More product results will be added when we launch a new product.

Mobile Wealth Crypto Account: 1.02% (Risk level: 95%, before profit sharing, including open trade)
Forexgruppen's Mixed Strategy Signal 1 (MSS1):  0.74%
Forexgruppen's Mixed Strategy Signal 2 (MSS2):  0.58%

Crypto Product

There are three risk levels to choose from and we have chosen to report only one level, 95%. Learn more about the different risk settings

Regarding the profit split, we are currently reporting the result before Mobile Wealth has taken its share. This is because we ourselves have not yet seen how the profit split is taken and are thus not entirely sure how the process works. So we are waiting for information about how it will happen in practice. Since the crypto market is open around the clock, every day of the week, this means that trading with the crypto product is also active around the clock. For the sake of simplicity, we have chosen to set a 'breakpoint' at the same time as the currency market closes at 23.00 on Friday night. This means that the weekly results will include the trades that have taken place up to and including the breakpoint each week. At the moment, there are some technical differences between the results shown in the Mobile Wealth back office and those shown in LiquidityOne, so the figures we show here are from L1 and are approximate until we can see the results more accurately. We will continue to refine the figures and reporting on an ongoing basis.

Commentary on this week's trading results:

As we mentioned in last week's results post, Eden was paused on the crypto account while MW and L1 investigated what could be the problem with us not seeing the same results that MW saw on their accounts. We can now confirm that Crypto-Eden is back up and running and trading on our accounts. We have also received a new update directly from MW which can be read here:
Update 2024-05-20 (scroll down to the latest news)..

As previously mentioned, MSS1 and MSS2 have undergone server updates during the week, which has led to lower activity. The update is now complete and we should start to see activity gradually increase again. Despite the lower activity, we could see that both signals closed two trades each on Monday which gave a nice profit and made the result for the week acceptable.

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