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Trading results week 2

Below you will find an update on trading results for the trading products used by Svenska Forexgruppen. More product results will be added when we launch a new product.

Forexgruppen's Mixed Strategy Signal 1 (MSS1): 0.44%
Forexgruppen's Mixed Strategy Signal 2 (MSS2): 1.89%
Mobile Wealth's Multi-asset account: 2.73% (after profit sharing)

COMMENT: Now the activity on all accounts is starting to increase properly and above all it is really nice that the Multi Account from Mobile Wealth is up and running. Eden was released to full capacity on Monday just as it was intended and since then 7 trades have been closed - all with profit. If you want to see what each day has looked like and read more about how the Eden and Mobile Wealth work, you can do it here(You need to be logged in).

MSS1 and MSS2 have also started off really well after the Christmas and New Year holidays and both signals are picking up profits while the current drawdown is being carefully monitored and managed.

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