Butterscotch - new customer offering

Get money back on your trading.

We at Svenska Forexgruppen are always on the lookout for great offers that our fantastic community can benefit from. Now we have taken it one step further and are proud to present our latest customer offer:

Every time you conduct a trading transaction, you normally pay a so-called commission (fee) to open a position in the foreign exchange market. Through a long dialogue and negotiation with a broker called MarketsVox, you will now have the opportunity to get part of that fee back on an ongoing basis on your trading. It is like an extra boost to your trading capital!

By default, you will get back 2 dollars per standard lot, but until 2024-02-28 we are running a launch campaign where you get back 3 dollars per standard lot. The discount is automatically deposited into your wallet on an ongoing basis, from there you can then choose to withdraw the money or deposit it into a trading account.

In order to take advantage of this exclusive offer, you need to create an account with MarketsVox by click here. Once you are ready, you will automatically receive the offer.

This is just the beginning of what we are focusing on to broaden the possibilities for our community. So let's create great business opportunities together and thank you for being part of the community at Svenska Forexgruppen.

// Svenska Forexgruppen