Mixed Strategy Signal 1

Mixed Strategy Signal 1

30  inkl. moms/VAT / month with a 14-day free trial

A 14-day trial period is applied at the beginning of the subscription.

This signal is a fully automated product that copies trades from a so-called "master account" to your own account. It is best suited for account sizes of 2,000 - 10,000 usd/euro. The signal contains a number of different strategies to maintain a good spread of risk but not too many to overexpose the account. MSS1 will have a controlled drawdown and trades can normally be open for anything from an hour to a couple of weeks, with some exceptions where longer is necessary.

The included strategies are carefully tested over a long period of time and are continuously evaluated by the suppliers. This means that if a strategy does not perform as previously/as expected, it will be removed from the signal and most likely replaced with another well-tested strategy. The signal is also monitored by the Swedish Forex Group as an extra protection against unexpected trades which gives you as a user an additional layer of security.

Recommended minimum leverage: 1:200