Mobile Wealth Guide No 2

Updated 231029

Guide 2.
Get to know the Mobile Wealth (MW) back office.

Landing page - At the time of writing, not all features are running here as we are in a pre-launch. You will also find 3 buttons that all lead to Trade accounts.

Menu on the left

Trade accounts - here you can see which accounts you have added and you will also find a link to create an account with a broker and connect it to MW. See guide no. 3.

Purchase package - we did in Guide No. 1 and there is no more to buy at the moment.

My Account

  • My account - here you can find your registered data.
  • My links - Referral Page. This is your own referral link if you want to invite someone.
  • Referrals - here you will find those you have invited yourself.
  • Order history - here you can find your purchases.

Support - form if you need help with accounts, payments, passwords and similar administrative issues. NOTE!!! Do not charge support with questions like: When is the next trade, are there any open trades, trading strategies, tax issues or questions related to the broker or other platforms. 

F.A.Q. - Questions & Answers. Maybe not in the same world class as Svenska Forexgruppen yet.


Top menu

Dashboard - takes you home to the first page, just like clicking on the MW logo.

Manage orders - your purchase history again.

Trade Accounts - takes you to the same page as the link on the left with the same name.

Crypto interface - Here you can find your crypto accounts.Forex interface - here you will find your broker accounts you have linked and at the bottom all closed trades.