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  • We have reorganised the website as you can see.
    - Guides are now available under the main menu Knowledge base
    - Webinars are now available under the main menu News
    - Questions & Answers are now available under the main menu Knowledge base
    - Mobile Wealth is now available under the main menu We recommend


  • Avoid interest on withholding tax by making an additional payment no later than 12 February: Read more on the Swedish Tax Agency's website
  • Download these templates to easily calculate capital gains/losses from the reports you receive from your broker each month. There is a template for the currency EURO resp. USD.
  • You can now find everything about Mobile Wealth collected under a new subpage. Here you can easily follow the development and how Eden is doing now that she has had free wings since 8 January.
  • Get money back on your trading via new customer offer.

Telegram groups

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INFO - Swedish Forex Group
Here we regularly publish current and important information.

DISCUSSION - Svenska Forexgruppen
Here we allow all members to discuss together the different topics we cover.
On top of this, there is also a lot of support.

Mobile Wealth - User Community
Here we provide support and discuss only the Mobile Wealth platform.