Getting started

What do you need to do to get started with Forex trading?

Getting started with forex trading is not difficult at all and can be summarised in three simple points.

1. create an account with an established and well-regulated organisation currency broker.

Your gateway to the forex market is through your broker. They are the ones who send your trades to the market to connect you with other buyers and sellers. Two forex brokers that are regulated and fulfil our own requirements are MarketsVox and Vantagemarkets.

2. Choose the type of trading and funnelling you want to start with.

Decide whether you want to start your currency trading using a trading robot, and signalling service or if you simply want to drive with completely free hands through the manual trading. The latter is what will require the most time and energy but also what you can learn the most from in the long run. However, most people start with some form of trading robot or signalling service as it is an easy way to take the first step into the world of forex and then learn along the way. the basics in how everything works.

3. start trading Forex using a demo account.

Once you have created an account with a currency broker and decided how you would like to start trading, the best way to start gaining experience with a demo trading account is through your broker. With a demo account, you can experience trading on live markets with live data but with virtual currency (play money). This way you get real trading experience without risking any of your own capital.

Once you are up and running and have tested a demo account for a while, you can switch to a real live account and then use real capital. To get help with questions and concerns and to have the opportunity to discuss trading with others, it is recommended that you join the Swedish Forex Group's communication channels that you as a here.