Just click on withdraw in the customer portal on the web or in your app. Under anti-money laundering law, you have to withdraw it the same way you deposited it, which also gives you an extra layer of security.

If deposited by card (one or more cards): The amount deposited with a particular card MUST be withdrawn to the same card. If you have deposited with several cards, the same applies to all these cards. Only when you have withdrawn the full amount deposited with a card will you be able to make further withdrawals. When withdrawing to a bank account via bank transfer, this MUST be done to an account in the same name as the broker account.

All these rules are linked to legislation aimed at stopping money laundering.

In practice: ONLY use payment cards or bank accounts in the same name as the brokerage account.

If you do not have the card, it must be cancelled in the broker's system.