ADS is short for "AI Directed Systems", which is MW's own market name for a category of their products. More specifically, it includes automated trading products based on Neural Networks (popularly, but not really correctly, referred to as "Artificial Intelligence" / "AI") and in this case offered to customers via so-called MAM or PAMM (or equivalent) arrangements with the broker.

The concept of AI is often used rather carelessly, and there are also plenty of examples of other companies using it for purely marketing purposes without any underlying substance, and thus throwing around "AI" because it sounds advanced and can attract customers even though they really only offer classic trading robots that use deterministic / static decision-making algorithms. Suffice it to say that if one were to lift the lid on what the concept of AI means in this case, there are a variety of other technologies, concepts and mechanisms to discover, and an incredible amount of things to investigate. At the same time, this is also among the most important and valuable things that Mobile Wealth owns, which is why they will naturally not reveal much detail about how they use these technologies.