First of all, it is not leveraged trading, so in order to blow the entire account (margin call), you have to trade everything and the value of the underlying asset, in this case Bitcoin (BTC), goes to 0, which is highly unlikely. How much Eden buys in each trade is answered here.

In addition, there is an active filter outside Eden that protects our capital. An active filter means that it is in place when everything is working properly and if something goes wrong so that the active filter loses control due to, for example, a power outage or hardware failure, the filter is turned off and by default all trades are closed and Eden loses access. If this happens, Eden cannot place new trades until she is reset and trades cannot be kept open. The filter will also stop all trading if the "catastrophic stop loss (CSL)" level occurs which is 15% times your setting of 25/50/95%. So with a setting of 50% and $1000 in USDT in your account, you risk a maximum of $75.

The active filter in crypto trading on MT5 is beyond Eden's control. Eden cannot see it, touch it or move it. Eden does not even know that the filter is there. As an active filter, it is constantly fed with information to keep Eden under control.
Think of it as a large tub of hot water with an ice plug at the bottom, the plug is cooled to keep the water in the tub and if something fails, the plug melts and the tub is emptied. With a passive filter, the plug is made of rubber and must be pulled out manually. The emptying of the tub is our centralised CSL. If Eden's trade on the crypto platform LiquidityOne (L1) reaches 15% DD, Eden is locked out and a close order is sent to all accounts.

Eden uses the latest reward system which will close trades before a CSL if the nature of the market changes in such a way that she wants to cancel the trade and go in another direction. On L1 the new logic has worked VERY well and we have not seen any significant DD but Eden's logic shows that trades will be closed if they go against Eden long before they hit the level of the CSL.