Automatic trading is currently (during soft launch) taking place on two different fronts; firstly on crypto via an account with Liquidity One, and secondly on indices and gold (specifically: US30, NAS100, SPX500 and XAUUSD) with BlackBull Markets. In the latter case, all four (4) currently activated assets are traded on a single account named "Mobile Wealth - Multi Asset".

The minimum capital required for these is

  • Crypto: Minimum 1000 USDT (equivalent to approximately $1000 in regular US Dollars)
  • Multi Asset: Minimum $5000 (applies to new customers after 240214)

If a customer has initially deposited at least $5000 and then suffers losses, there is a buffer where the trade continues without having to deposit more money to immediately reach $5000 again. However, this does not apply if the customer withdraws money and falls below $5000, in which case the trade will be cancelled.

ATTENTION: The minimum amount applies per account and cannot be shared between several products unless MW is running several asset classes on the same account, which is the case at present. In the future, however, it may be that different assets are divided into different accounts, whereby each account will have its own minimum amount.