Mobile Wealth is a company that, like many others, offers a portfolio of different products related to trading in several different financial markets. These include, for example, Forex (currency), stock market indices, precious metals, crypto and, later on, shares. The products in turn will have several forms, such as automated trading, signalling services for manual trading and training.

Mobile Wealth does NOT offer investments or advice and never, ever deals with customers' money!

Mobile Wealth has a founding and management team made up of people with extensive experience in the financial markets, in risk and capital management, in automated trading, in algorithm development, and in technological developments such as software in general and specifically in Machine Learning and Neural Networks (popularly often referred to as "Artificial Intelligence", or simply "AI"). These are not some young "luck seekers" whose greatest asset is charisma and ability to speak convincingly to a hopeful audience, but we are talking about individuals who have been around for a long time and seen and experienced an incredible amount in the industry. Not least, they have very good knowledge of the various problems that exist in the market, including various common weaknesses in the offers aimed at private savers and other smaller players. Something they have decided to address and solve once and for all through a variety of innovative ways to build products, business models and corporate structures. The amount of experience and expertise gathered by these individuals surpasses anything we have seen in other companies many times over. In addition to offering products to us private and small savers, they also have a parallel business branch where they work to help institutional players with, for example, automated trading.

The key individuals within Mobile Wealth, headed by founder Albert Green, as well as the corresponding individuals within the important partner LiquidityOne, are also, in our firm opinion, people who, in addition to their proven high level of intelligence and experience, also possess the all-important characteristic of "sound values and priorities". People who you can definitely get a solid confidence in, quite simply, and herein lies a very large part of the reasons why we believe so strongly in Mobile Wealth. A couple of clear examples of how these values rub off on what we as customers will see are that there is a very high emphasis on the products working with low and tightly controlled risk (among other things, certain trading strategies common in the market that are notorious for creating problems with high drawdown are never used) and that products and customer satisfaction are at the centre of everything they do.

A major difference compared to many other companies in the industry is also that Mobile Wealth does not build its customer acquisition and growth on so-called MLM, or network marketing, where building customer organisations (often called "trees" or "pyramids") and constant recruitment is what drives the business forward. Such systems are incredibly common in the industry, but have a tendency to go wrong as historically this type of approach has often meant that the companies and the culture they have cultivated among their customers have focused too much on recruitment and flashy events, while reducing the focus on the products themselves. In a healthy and viable company, the products and their quality should reasonably be at the heart of everything you do, along with an iron will to make existing customers happy and create trust by resolutely dealing with all the problems, questions and opportunities for improvement that appear along the way. Because these things ALWAYS come up continuously for any business. What separates good companies from bad is their willingness and ability to deal with these things. So far during our long dialogue with Mobile Wealth, we have clearly seen how they listen to us, how they take our (i.e. "customers'") opinions and how they then really act to improve things. We currently have no reason to suspect that they would not continue on that path, rather the opposite.

Even without MLM, there will be an opportunity for those who want to tip and help others to use Mobile Wealth's products, and to receive compensation for this as a thank you. However, completely without the "tree building". However, an approved "competence test" will be required before being allowed to refer a new person. Furthermore, the remuneration in question is based ENTIRELY on the products delivering positive results. Which, incidentally, is also the case with the company's own revenues as these consist of profit sharing, not of high fixed subscription costs.