Risks exist in ALL trading-related activities.

This involves many things, such as the need to avoid rogue companies, rogue or bad business models, bad products, 'hard-to-manage' products, unsound values and/or incompetent management, questionable partnerships, etc.

Few of these things are fully transparent. Sometimes it is difficult to gain any insight at all, but you can get quite far by ticking a number of key aspects. Examples of these are given below:

All capital that a customer wants to set aside for trading using Mobile Wealth's products will be deposited with independent and government-regulated financial players in the market. We are typically talking about Forex Brokers ("currency brokers") and Crypto Exchanges ("Crypto Exchanges"). The security of the deposited capital then depends on the security that these actors can offer, NOT on whether Mobile Wealth is a solid company or not.

Products of this kind are never completely 'foolproof'. For example, there is a risk that algorithms will not cope with certain market conditions, and there is a risk that some technical problem will arise. Some of the products, often popularly referred to as "robots", trade automatically and only require ongoing manual supervision and possibly adjustment of settings to ensure that everything is correct; while others, often referred to as "signals", require manual intervention to initiate and close trades. However, no trading-related products should be considered as 100% self-sufficient or 100% "hands-off" or that they are 100% right in their actions/signals/conclusions. You should instead see them as tools that you can choose to use to support your own trading and greatly reduce the time you need to spend on preparing and executing trading activities. All trading, including "automated" trading, is thus associated with both risks and a certain amount of personal labour. A golden rule is that "the more you learn about trading, the better you will be able to select and utilise such tools and products". The automated products that Mobile Wealth offers are also in a class of their own compared to what other companies can offer today. On the one hand, the automation is significantly more advanced than ordinary "robots" and the technical setup is also such that you cannot adjust anything at all with trading settings or the like (i.e. you do not really have the opportunity to "mess up" which is common elsewhere), but the only thing you can really do is keep track of your own capital over time; decide whether it is time to withdraw a penny from time to time or perhaps deposit more, or perhaps move capital between accounts to switch between trading in different instruments. Otherwise, there is nothing you can do about the way the automated products work, risk settings or other trading parameters.

Mobile Wealth has spent an enormous amount of time and resources on building high quality products, where the safety and security of customers' capital (from a trading perspective) is a top priority. As such, the odds are good that there will be good results in the future, just as there have been historically, but there are NO complete guarantees of this, which is something to keep in mind when creating your own overall trading savings plan.