The short answer is, no you can't see open trades when using the automated products (ADS), only after they have closed.

Mobile Wealth has a strong ambition to be as transparent as possible with everything that happens in terms of trading. The idea is thus that you as a customer should be able to see all the trades made on the account. However, it is unfortunately a business necessity for them to also protect themselves from people with a clear conscience copying the trades that their products take. In short, someone "steals" or "freeloads" MW's work and investments. Copying of this kind is a very widespread problem that cannot be ignored as it can cause very significant damage to the company.

Full transparency towards our customers and protection against unauthorised copying are both important objectives for the company, but they are also two objectives that are very difficult, or in practice even impossible, to fulfil at the same time, and therefore some kind of compromise is needed.

Mobile Wealth will implement this compromise by handling different services in different ways. According to the information we currently have, it will be as follows:

  • Manually oriented services, such as signalling services and the like, will be fully transparent and show all positions in real time in our trading accounts. In these cases, we will also be able to adjust the risk level and manage the positions manually on our own if we so wish.
  • Some other services, specifically the automated trading services, i.e. those that MW themselves refer to as "ADS" services ("AI Directed Systems"), will only show limited information in real time and will not have any settings that we customers themselves can influence regarding the level of risk etc. and we will not be able to manually influence (e.g. close) any open positions.
    At present, and probably in the future, the current account balance will be displayed live via the trading platform, while open / ongoing trades are hidden. However, all trades are reported with detailed specification afterwards, i.e. after they have been closed, and it will also be possible to export information about all trades to use as a basis for private tax returns or accounting in companies.
    As a comment on this, we would like to mention that the decision to lock the configuration/settings of these products and limit the information displayed live has several reasons. Partly as a protection against unauthorised copying, but another important reason is also that it is quite clear that the results from these very advanced products are generally much better if they are left alone from manual influence by us humans. Furthermore, this also eliminates the risk of us customers messing up on our own, which is very common with other trading robots.