Yes, as long as the Investor Account has no open trades, you can withdraw capital from the Investor Account to your USD wallet at Blackbull at any time and from there withdraw it to your bank.

Right now there is a soft launch going on, which means that the function to easily see if there are open trades or not is not in place yet. At the moment, information will instead come out in the dedicated Telegram channel when the account has no open trades and withdrawals can be made. After soft launch, this will not be a problem as Eden normally does not have any trades open over the weekend and a simple status symbol will be introduced in the back office showing whether the account has trades open or not.

Important! During the ongoing soft launch, Mobile Wealth has previously communicated that they would like you to avoid withdrawing your money during this period. If you still want to withdraw your capital during soft launch, you should be aware that you will then realise any open profit / loss (open trades will be forcibly closed on your account). So there is no point in "doing a test with withdrawal" in the current situation.

Furthermore, it means that you lose your place in the ongoing soft launch and thus also your favourable profit split conditions. It also means that if you want to get started again after soft launch, the minimum investment will be 5000usd.

If you still want to withdraw your capital during the soft launch, you must notify Blackbull support that you want to withdraw your capital and that you are aware that this means that you will be excluded from the soft launch.