About MarketsVox

Headquartered in London, MarketsVox is created by traders for traders.
Their ambition is to make the information and education used by the major investment banks widely available to everyone - including us private traders. With that in mind, MarketsVox has teamed up with the top educators, liquidity pools and news providers to provide us with all the knowledge and tools we need on our journey to profitable forex trading.

MarketsVox is a regulated broker that gives a very professional and serious impression. 

MarketsVox has completely abandoned MT4 and only offers MT5, which is increasingly becoming an industry standard and they have chosen to limit themselves to a few trading accounts. with low fees. 

They offer a very wide range of deposit and withdrawal options - where you can always find a method that suits you (including debit cards and bank transfers).
The customer service is competent and approachable, and if you have a question or problem, you can count on a quick response. 

We in the Swedish Forex Group have also had a long dialogue with MarketsVox that has resulted in us being able to offer you as a member cashback on your own trading. In practice, this means that for every trade you close, you get money back that is deposited into your account the next day. You can read more about this here.

Get money back on your trading

We at Svenska Forexgruppen are always looking for great offers that our fantastic community can benefit from. Now we've taken it one step further and are proud to present a customer offer that includes MarketsVox which is different from other actors.

Get cashback on your currency trading!

Every time you conduct a trading transaction, you normally pay a so-called commission (fee) to open a position in the foreign exchange market. Through a long dialogue and negotiation with the currency broker MarketsVox, you will now have the opportunity to get part of that fee back on an ongoing basis on your trading. It's like an extra boost to your trading capital!

You get back 2 dollars per standard lot. The rebate is automatically deposited into your wallet on an ongoing basis, from which you can then choose to withdraw the money or deposit it into a trading account.

In order to take advantage of this exclusive offer, you need to create an account with MarketsVox by click here. Once you are ready, you will automatically receive the offer.

Create a free and easy account

If you want to create an account with MarketsVox and be able to get money back when you trade, go here link to access the registration page. Registration takes about 5 minutes and make sure you have both your ID card and a document showing your address ready.