Who are we?

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Welcome to "Svenska Forexgruppen" ("Swedish Forex Group"), the gathering place for all of us who strive for profitable and safe savings, a diversified investment portfolio and a strong community! We are proud to stand by you and each other on the journey to financial success.

Why follow Svenska Forexgruppen?

1. Experience that makes a difference: With many years of collected expertise in forex trading and other forms of savings and investments, and a wide range of skills, Svenska Forexgruppen has built a strong foundation of knowledge and experience. We understand the different parts of the financial markets and we have a passion both for continuously deepening our own knowledge and for helping YOU to develop your skills and understanding as well as helping you find the right tools for your needs.

2. Versatility: We continuously analyse and test a variety of financial services and products. We understand that each individual, each investor, is unique. Therefore, Svenska Forexgruppen offers expertise in a wide repertoire of savings and trading solutions to suit different goals and needs, probably including yours, and we are constantly looking for new and improved solutions.

3. Security, community and reliability: Security and quality are our top priorities. Of all the services and products we test, only a few are able to meet our required level of quality. Everything we tell the public about is something that we ourselves believe we can justifiably claim is "good stuff" and that we ourselves want to use to invest or activate our own capital. And if something that we use would eventually start performing badly or otherwise deteriorate, we are clear and open about what we notice and if/when/that we will phase ourselves out of the service or product in question. We will never promote anything that we do not truly believe in, or something which is not based on safe and reliable trading platforms and other technical solutions. 
Additionally, we are very active in "cleaning up" unwanted elements in our discussion forums. We never censor dissenting opinions or well-motivated and reasonable criticism, but endeavour to keep all discussions on track regarding objectivity, transparency and honesty based on verifiable facts. We do not, however, tolerate bad or misleading behaviour, false statements or personal attacks and the like. And, of course, we also filter out any attempts to deceive or exploit our members if a non-trustworthy individual does manage to sneak into our community. Thus, we do take both personal comfort and security of our followers very seriously as well.
We strive to provide a transparent and trustworthy online social environment wherever you are on your journey, and thanks to our dedicated discussion forums, you will always have the answers to your questions close at hand. 


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Who are we?


Our expert technician and web developer

Ludwig LindströmSince the age of 15, Ludwig has been interested in IT/web as well as in shares, funds and other types of investments to put capital in motion. Since high school, he has also started and run companies and also built up a personnel and payroll system in the hotel and restaurant industry. Ludwig is our youngest star and with his strong entrepreneurial drive, he has no problem running several projects at the same time.

"I like to look for new ways and challenges to develop as a person and to build a solid financial foundation. Helping others develop by adding value is also an important goal for me."

At Svenska Forexgruppen, Ludwig is responsible for operations and IT and contributes to our community in various ways.


Our poetic writer and helping hand in the community

Andreas Ynvgwe

With a degree in Human Resources - Business Administration, Andreas is deeply rooted in the philosophy of always seeing the human being and he understands that needs and priorities differ between individuals and between different situations. Andreas has for a long time had a great interest in investments of all kinds and he has also been on the board of "Young Stock Investors", a Swedish organisation promoting stock investing and education to young people, where he educated young people in personal finance, savings and stock trading.

Ahe combination of my interest in people with my knowledge of finance and investment is for me an unbeatable and unique combination, which means that the customer always comes first."

At Svenska Forexgruppen, Andreas has the main responsibility for the blog and various texts, but you also often see him answering questions in our channels where his broad expertise and humility are very much appreciated.


Our fearless test pilot and how-to-guides expert

Junior Jones

After high school and a couple of years on a regular payroll job, he soon realized it wasn't his cup of tea and subsequently spent 4.5 years on an engineering course in informatics, with special modifications into entrepreneurship.
He then set up his own company in events and a number of other areas that gave him plenty of legs to stand on. After a period of burning his personal candle from both ends, however, he realized the importance of building up passive income.
From there, Junior began his investment journey in the property sector, among others, which has now earned him lifetime financial freedom. He has since continued his quest for further diversification and also discovered robotic currency trading and other fascinating activities.

"Everyone should be able to help themselves without having to ask, which is why I aim to make simple and clear guides, and why answers to most things should be readily available online when you need them."

At Svenska Forexgruppen, Junior has the primary responsibility for guides and FAQs.


The old man who does quite a bit of everything

Mats Vindefjärd

With technology in his blood and a Master's degree in Applied Physics & Electrical Engineering as a foundation, Mats started his professional career in the Defence and Telecom industries where he spent a few years doing research and development work on radar systems, radio systems and mobile telephony.

Down the road, new challenges beckoned, so he put away the calculator and all research activities into a desk drawer, shifted his focus and put his technical skills to use within business development and entrepreneurship. Mats has spent a lot of time both in international roles at several large companies and a number of years as a startup business entrepreneur. Along the way, he has gathered additional knowledge in a variety of technology areas, for example in algorithm development and within what is often commonly called Artificial Intelligence (AI). Skills which are highly useful in trading.

Over time, Mats realized that in order to feel good and really enjoy life, he needed to make some fundamental changes. Being able to control his own life in both time and space became an important goal. Fast forward, and Mats has transformed his trading hobby into his new livelihood.

"The world of trading is not just trading, it's full of various other opportunities and - which is particularly exciting - technical challenges to take on. And there are so many wonderful people to get to know, interact with and help out. This is where I thrive, at the intersection of technology, trading and socializing with others."

At Svenska Forexgruppen, Mats has the main responsibility for external contacts and partnerships as well as trading technology and other technical topics. You also see him everywhere in our social channels where he is more than happy to use his expertise to help, explain and clarify.


Our accounting consultant and web assistant

Since a young age, entrepreneurship and an interest in different types of business ideas and investments have been present in Richard. As a 16-year-old, he spent several evenings a week at the Private business where you could try investing in funds and stocks with fictitious capital, which became the gateway to his interest in the stock market.

In terms of education, he is on a university programme in web development, economics and entrepreneurship at the School of Engineering in Jönköping. It was already during his university years that he, together with some classmates. started his first company in web development, which was the start of a long entrepreneurial journey as a multi-entrepreneur.

Today, 17 years later, he is still an active entrepreneur and runs several companies. Since 2015, the main focus is on a location-independent digital accounting agency with a focus on digital accounting, advice and training in digital administration and efficiency.

"Being able to combine knowledge of the web, economics and tax rules with investment opportunities such as currency trading is extremely fun. Something that makes me extra passionate about the Swedish Forex Group where this combination fits like a glove".

At Svenska Forexgruppen, Richard has the main responsibility for finance/accounting while assisting with his web skills.


Our eminent mentor and analyst

Stefan Stagge

Stefan is a self-taught trader and analyst who has spent more time learning analysis methods than most people can manage. After realizing that just using fundamental analysis was not for him, Stefan became interested in technical analysis and specifically the advanced analysis method called Elliot Wave Theory. In addition to this comprehensive theory, he has also learned many other methods of analysis which he competently combines - both in his own trading strategy but also in the analyses he shares with us.

"The journey to becoming a profitable Forex Trader is not an easy one and I have had many setbacks which have often made me doubt whether trading is the right thing to do to become financially independent. Becoming financially independent and being able to help family and friends with trading knowledge are two big parts of my motivation."

At Svenska Forexgruppen, Stefan is responsible for analysing different currency pairs and asset classes, as well as being a driving force in educating the community through the "Knowledge Lift of the Week" and acting as our mentor in trading.