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Control of the situation - who are you?

The need to control is a feeling that we think we all recognise - not least in ourselves.

It is about the degree to which an individual feels the need to know everything or to have full control over a given situation. It can really differ from person to person, with some people needing to have exactly all the information themselves, while others are more comfortable just going along for the ride. For those who feel a strong need to be in control, it can be difficult and frustrating in situations where you need to rely on someone else. These situations can make you feel helpless and trapped.

Let's say you're going on a trip for a week. Are you the person who presents passports and such a week in advance and makes sure you know the exact area of your destination before you leave?

Or are you the one who starts thinking about packing the night before the plane takes off and takes the situation for what it is?

If you recognise yourself in person one, you may feel frustrated and uncomfortable if for some reason you can't get all the information you want well before departure. You may not get enough information from the tour operator or the information you want is not available. Instead, if you are like person two, too much information can feel like a chore and you think "it will be fine".

If you apply the concept of control needs in the business world, it becomes particularly clear if you are some kind of middleman or middle manager. Having or at least feeling a responsibility for people "below you" but not getting enough information from the people "above you" - who you need to rely on - can be really hard. It is then easy to be caught in the middle and not really know what to do. For a person with a high need for control, a situation like this can affect everyday well-being - especially if you also feel a high level of responsibility for the people "below you".

A person who instead has a low level of need for control often feels that it is nice not to have the overall responsibility but that it lies with those "up there". Such a person takes the information that is available and then refers to the fact that further information has not come from a higher authority. Then they let it go.

There is no one that is better than the other as both types have their advantages and disadvantages. It is also not black or white but the majority end up somewhere in the middle and it can differ depending on the type of situation. However, it is good to be aware of your own level of need for control in order to be able to know what you need to feel satisfied.

Something that we believe can be good to take with you regarding the need for control is not only to look at your own need but to try to look at the whole situation, i.e. everyone involved and what makes the information unavailable. Even if it is difficult and you feel frustrated yourself, the people you are seeking information from may feel exactly the same - especially if they are some kind of intermediary.

// Svenska Forexgruppen