The new trading broker in Sweden

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Riksbank interest rate announcement

The Swedish Riksbank's interest rate decision tomorrow 8 May

Will the key interest rate be cut? Tomorrow at 9.30 we will get the answer

Swedish Tax Agency income tax return 2024 deferment

Many declare on the last day

How to apply for a deferral

tradingview advantage

Vantage Markets now integrated with TradingView

Trade on your brokerage account directly in the graph

crypto blockchain

Why are crypto prices going down?

Is the boom over?


US inflation came in higher than expected

Swedish krona fell - danger of interest rate cuts?


The first Friday of a new month means NFP

What is NFP and why do you need to know it?

Income tax return, declare via mobile phone on the Swedish Tax Agency's website.

Last chance for early tax refunds

Many people miss the payment


Swedish bank cuts interest rates

Will other banks follow suit?

bitcoin halving

Crypto, a summary and future prospects

Why is Bitcoin dropping in price?

The website of the Swedish Tax Agency. The declaration is now open in 2024.

The 2024 declaration: now you can declare it

How to get your tax refund early

Moa Langemark, Finansinspektionen

Financial Supervisory Authority warns about banks' advice

Your conversation with the bank is a sales call


Inflation is rising again - what is the Fed thinking?

Will the Fed hold off on cutting interest rates?

wallet with money

More money left if interest rates are cut this year

Fixed or variable rate?


Ready for the crypto waves?

Analysing the fluctuations in the crypto market

Stock graph

Stockholm Stock Exchange begins March with a new all-time high

How will the stock market perform in 2024?

donald trump bitcoin

Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam

Crypto is based on thin air

Important letter many of us don't even open (this article is only relevant for Swedish citizens)

Talking of course about the orange envelope.

The stock market rally and crash

Last week, the world index set a new record.

Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed.

A well-known quote from Robert Kiyosaki.

SEC approves 11 applications for Spot Bitcoin ETF - what does it mean?

On 10 January, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved eleven applications for the Spot Bitcoin ETF.

Butterscotch - new customer offering

Get money back on your trading.

Stefan Stagge

Introduction - Swedish Forex Group mentor!

We at the Swedish Forex Group are lucky enough to work with a mentor by our side named Stefan Stagge.

Blog picture NFP

NFP - What is it and why do you need to know it?

Non-farm payrolls (NFP) is an important economic report released on the first Friday of each month in the US.